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These are historic times we’re living in.

For most of my adult life, I’ve kept myself relatively well-informed, seeking alternative points of view from different sources where their arguments are grounded in facts.  Like most people, I tyically go to sources I trust for details on a topic.  Depending on what it is, I’ll sometimes dig further until satisfied I have a handle of, at a minimum, the critical details.

But when getting into discussions with friends and family about various recent and past events, I find myself unable to recall some of the details as well as regretting that I didn’t dig further into a topic to understand it better.

This is why I’m writing this blog.  I’m created an archive that I can revisit to recall past and current event.  I’ll document the details of the issues which I felt were important.  If I get something wrong, I’ll correct it.  If I leave something out, I’ll add it. 

Thanks for visiting my site. 

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